Favorites Reads So Far in 2011

I <3 Books...even closer by EnoksonWe’re more than half-way through the year (and more than have way through SRP – have you registered? No? Register, already!) and at this point I’m taking stock of everything I’ve read so far.  I’ve had the pleasure to read many good books this year, but out of all these have been my favorites.  What are your favorite reads in 2011?


Favorites So Far in 2011


sugar changed the world bookjacketwomen heroes of wwii bookjacketparticular sadness of lemon cake bookjacketteenage waistland bookjacketwhite cat bookjacket






kissing game bookjacketleverage bookjacket5000 years of slavery bookjacketgirl in translation boojacketbetrayal of maggie blair bookjacket






trash bookjacketshine bookjacketrecovery road bookjacketthings a brother knows bookjacketillegal bookjacket






across the universe bookjacketbetween shades of gray bookjacketnotorious benedict arnold bookjacketlying game bookjacketmarbury lens bookjacket






latte rebellion bookjacketorchards bookjacketvietnamericamockingbirds bookjacketbeatle meets destiny bookjacket





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I'm impressed by your list!

I'm impressed by your list! If this is only yourlist of favorite books this year, how many books made it on your "so-so" or "greatly disliked" lists?

I've read (and liked!) a few of these and just picked up The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I was skeptical when I first heard the plot, but so far I'm enjoying it.

A few of my favorite books so far this year have been: Fire (Kristin Cashore), Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins), The Dark & Hollow Places (Carrie Ryan), Entwined (Heather Dixon) and Shanghai Girls (Lisa See).

Fantastic post!

Thanks, Kimberly!  I also

Thanks, Kimberly!  I also really enjoyed Anna and the French Kiss.  The author has another book coming out this fall that I'm looking forward to.

I very rarely have a "greatly disliked" list (I think there might only be a handful of books that I've ever really found nothing redemable and nothing likable in) , but I do have a pretty large "so-so" list :)