a few of my favorite books

So. I have lots of favorite books. But today I will just talk about, oh, maybe my top three all time favorites. (these have been favorites since I was a kid, I have other favorites which are more recent)

     an old fashioned girl    Over and Over

1. Carry on Mr Bowdith by Jean Latham. Don't ask me why I like this book so much, I just do. By the way, it won the Newbery Award.

2. An Old Fashioned Girl by Lousia May Alcott (you know, the Louisa May that wrote Little Women). I can't explain why I like this one either.

3. Over and Over by Charlotte Zolotow. This one is a picture book. It's probably the illustrations that make this a favorite. When I was little, I spent the summers with relatives in Nebraska and they only had a few children's books in the house.  So every summer I read Marguerite Henry's Album of Horses, Over and Over, Becky's Birthday, and Becky's Christmas (both by Tasha Tudor) many times. Sadly, the two Becky books are not available in Harris County Public Library, and they are both out of print, so if you're ever in a used book store or garage sale and you find a copy of either one, you should buy it. but anyway, Garth Williams is one of my all time favorite illustrators, and I just *love* the pictures in this book.