Fiction(al) Writers

A few weeks ago, my sister called to ask me a question: “Who writes the Castle mysteries?”

Well, being of fan of the TV series and the mystery novels, as well as being a librarian with access to the Library of Congress catalog, I answered truthfully: “I have no idea.”

I’m sure that the information is out there somewhere, but I’ve not found it yet.  The fact is that Richard Castle is a fictional character created by Andrew W. Marlowe for the TV series Castle.  But novels have been published under the name Richard Castle, and have been referenced in the TV series.  The same is being done with Jessica Fletcher, the mystery writer featured in the TV series Murder, She Wrote – but with a real author, Donald Bain, also credited.  Like Ellery Queen before them, Jessica and Castle are fiction writers who get involved with murder investigations.  And somewhere along the line, we get the occasional glimpse of these characters struggling with their writing.

The creative process is a favorite topic for authors, often using a character to show the ups and downs of getting their ideas on paper.  Or maybe saved to a computer file or posted on a website.  Their characters explore all realms of the human condition, from love and passion to anger and tragedy.  They discover the rewards and pitfalls -- and sometimes their own inner demons -- in the creative process.  And, of course, these ideas and stories are translated into movies and TV shows.


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