Find Your Dream Job

Are you ready to stretch your wings in your professional life?  Are you still looking for a job and starting to get frustrated?  Join us for Dream Job month at the Maud Marks Library!  Dream Job month runs April 15- May 19th as we offer various types of assistance to our customers in "job search mode".  

We have a preview of our month beginning right now with our job search display which can be found right as you walk in the library's doors.  Our display contains many books on resumes, interviewing, and the entire job search process.

Then, we begin on Tuesday, April 15th at 7 PM with the City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity.  They will be at the Maud Marks Library to take our customers through all the steps needed to start their own business.  Why work for others when you can work for yourself.  (Don't worry if you can't make it that night, we'll have more opportunities later.)

On Monday, April 21st we begin our job search seminar with Texas Workforce Solutions.  They will be here at 10 AM-12 noon to present on various topics in the job search process.

Here are a list of dates and corresponding topics: 

Monday, April 21 Resumes, Cover Letters & Applications
Monday, April 28 Networking & Using Social Media
Monday, May 5  Interviewing
Monday, May 12 Rebranding & Evaluating Your Skills
Monday, May 19 Resumes, Cover Letters & Applications

Perhaps you are looking for more online type of assistance.  Learn to use our Job & Career Accelerator Database on Tuesday, May 6 @ 10 AM.

Finally, if you missed our kick off small business start up program, join us instead on Saturday, May 17 as SCORE present Steps to Starting a Small Business.

Of course, don't forget to brush up on those computer skills with the many computer classes we offer over the month including Word, Excel, and iPad use.

All these programs require registration so click here to register for these and other classes offered at the Maud Marks Library.  Happy job hunting!