A Fine Bromance

It’s not really a new phenomenon.  No, it’s always been around.  But only in the past few years have we given a new term to it: bromance.

The word “bromance” – a combination of “bro/brother” and “romance” -- came into use referring to the camaraderie between skateboarders.  Now we use it when talking about characters in movies and TV shows and books.  Two guys who see each other through good times and bad.  Even when girlfriends and wives come into the picture, the friendship between the men stays true. 

Movies have featured best friends/buddies/bros since the silent days.  So it was only natural that television would follow suit.  One of the first bromances I remember was on the sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.  Dobie (played by Dwayne Hickman) and Maynard G. Krebs (pre-Gilligan’s Island Bob Denver) were – in Maynard’s words -- good buddies.  The series saw them through high school, the army, and into college.   

As the years went on, bromance became more common on TV.  Kirk and Spock on the original Star Trek.  Oscar and Felix on The Odd Couple.  Richie and the Fonz on Happy Days.  The trend continues today.  And it’s a really cool thing.   The best stories are most often about friends.

The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon & Leonard and Howard & Raj
Boston Legal – Alan & Denny
Castle – Ryan & Esposito
Community – Abed & Troy
Friends – Chandler & Joey
Grimm – Nick & Monroe
The Honeymooners – Ralph & Ed
House – House & Wilson
Life on Mars – Sam & Gene
M*A*S*H – Hawkeye & BJ
North and South – Orry & George
Psych – Shawn & Gus
Scrubs – JD & Turk
Sherlock – Holmes & Watson
Starsky and Hutch – Starsky & Hutch

So who’s in your favorite TV bromance?


What a great title this week!

What a great title this week! As for memorable bromances, I'd think first of Gus and Woodrow in Lonesome Dove and Jed and Leo in The West Wing.