The First American Nobel Prize Recipient

Theodore RooseveltOn December 10, 1906, the 26th President of the United States was the first American awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. President Theodore Roosevelt was known for his love of nature and his can-do attitude. He, in fact, was able to conserve and preserve over 230 million acres of American land. This area was spread out in various national parks, forests, and historical monuments across the nation.
However, the reason he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was “for his successful mediation to end the Russo-Japanese war.” This war took place from February 8, 1904 until September 5, 1905. Russia and Japan were at war to try and gain control of Manchuria and Korea, regions which served as useful naval and maritime trade ports. The war ended when both warring countries signed the Treaty of Portsmouth on September 5, 1905, which Theodore Roosevelt mediated. For more information about our 26th President or any of these events please visit your Jacinto City Library.