Five Little Cookies Fingerplay

Storytime is a great place for children to learn basic concepts including math.  In a few weeks, I will be introducing  Five Little Cookies fingerplay to the children who attend my Family Storytime.  I've included the words below incase you wanted to learn it as well. 

Five Little Cookies

Five little cookie in the bakery shop.

Shinning bright with sugar on top.

Along comes (child's name) with a nickle to pay.

He/she buys a cookie and takes it away.

How many do we have now?


(Continue with four, three, two and one).

Books dealing with Basic Math Concepts

Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10 by Ami Rubinger

Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10 takes readers through a world of playful pups that love to count! Each spread's rhyming text leaves out the last word, allowing little ones to chime in and shout out the missing number. The amusing illustrations provide countable clues For The numbers that have been left out. With Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10, accomplished illustrator Ami Rubinger once again turns his humorous and imaginative eye to an otherwise simple subject.

Counting with Sebastian Pig and Friends: On The Farm by Jill Anderson 

Uh-oh! Someone on Farmer Felix's farm is causing trouble. Count all the animals with Sebastian Pig as he tries to figure out who's been painting on the barn! This math book with the delightful character, Sebastian Pig, provides a fun way to reinforce and practice counting skills for young readers.

One Watermelon Seed by Celia Barker Lottridge 

One Watermelon Seedis presented in a new edition with a bold new cover and interior art. In this deceptively simple counting book, Max and Josephine tend their garden while readers follow along, counting from one to ten as the garden is planted. Then readers can count in groups of tens as the garden is harvested, while they search through the pictures for the many small animals that are hiding throughout. A concise and clever text introduces color and rhythm, and the illustrations are bright and engaging.



I think this book looks

I think this book looks really cute!!!