Flag Retirement Ceremony

A Flag retirement ceremony was held on Saturday, June 11, 2011 to properly remove the Texas and US flags that flew over the Kingwood Branch Library.   Tim Rowe, Senior Patrol Leader, and Cody Borgfield, LC Patrol, of Scout Troop 1377 lowered the flags and will take the proper steps to dispose of them in the proscribed manner.  Over the last year these flags have proudly flown, but as their condition now was not what we wish to see flying they have been retired in a proper ceremony.

Plans are under way to replace these flags with Texas and US Flags that have flown over their respective capitols.  State Representative Dan Huberty and US Congressman Ted Poe will present these flags to the Kingwood Library in a ceremony later this summer.  We will let you all know details as we learn of them and we thank our State and US Representatives for their generosity in obtaining these flags for the community.