Flash Forward to 2012 London Olympics

Alright, I know I'm jumping the gun a little, but after the 2008 Beijing games, I couldn't help but start to wonder what the opening ceremonies would be like in London.  In my opinion, Harry Potter HAS to play a big part.  It is the biggest thing out of the UK since the Beatles.  That's who else should to be involved...Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the last remaining Beatles.    And Doctor Who... how cool would it be for all of the actors who played the Doctor to come out of a Tardis (for those of us who watch Doctor Who).  So here's my thoughts on the opening ceremonies:  Dancers dance to Beatles and possibly Rolling Stones songs, and a skit where a double decker bus stops in front of a Blue Police box only for all the Doctors to come out and point at the Quiditch players hanging from the ceiling.   Just thinking... sooo not going to happen like that, hee hee. Anyway, we'll be finding out soon enough what's going to happen in the opening ceremonies, but what would you like to happen?  Something written by JK Rowling herself?  Maybe Daniel Radcliffe lighting the torch with an incendio charm?  Whadya think?  Right your own version of the opening ceremonies  or you know...click on that respond button and tell me I'm crazy for obsessing about things like this... I won't mind!