Flat Destiny Visits Toddler Time

We were pleased to see a new face in last week's toddler time. Flat Destiny, who was mailed all the way from Jackson, Mississippi, is visiting with a friend of her family, Jennifer Finch, Bear Creek's young adult librarian. She is excited about seeing as much of Texas as possible, so she can take plenty of pictures back to her family in Jackson.  It was a pleasure to have Miss Destiny in storytime. She sat very politely when the stories were read, sang and danced the Hokey Pokey and she WAS the crocodile during the Five Little Monkeys. She also made a new friend, Hanna.

Flat friends have become quite frequent travelers over the past few years, following the lead of the original flat traveler, Flat Stanley. If you are interested in sending your own flat friend out to visit the world and bring some pictures back, pick up a copy of the popular children's book Flat Stanley at a Harris County Library today.



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