Flying paranoia list

So, I'm going on a holiday trip and I decided to blog about airplane disaster books.  >hee, hee<  I have something of a twisted sense of humor sometimes.

Getting Air by Dan Gutman

Group of skateboarding friends heading to California to watch the X-games manage to thwart terrorist taking over the plane with some knitting loving grannies and somewhat land the plane in one piece.

Dan Gutman was fantastically realistic about the realities of a plane crash and yet the book ends on a very positive note. 

Flight 29 series by Various Authors

A novelization of the TV series whose screenplay was originally written by DJ MacHale.  How will a bunch of teenagers, largely without the help of any adults manage on a deserted island?  Has tons of teenage angst whilst (who were of course on the way to a camping trip and therefore have all the gear they need) still showing the real aspects of surviving in the wild.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Couldn't mention surviving in the wild after a plane crash without talking about this classic.  Brian is on his way to his Dad's house when the pilot of the small plane he's on suffers a heart attack and crashes in a lake in the middle of a forest.  All he has is this hatchet his mother gave him and his wits.  Almost too realistic about what it would take for a teenage boy to survive in the Canadian wilderness.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

I also couldn't help but delve into the depressing and address a nuclear war era drama of a plane full of boys crashing onto an island and splitting into groups and eventually denegrating into mass histeria and the canabalism of poor Piggy. 

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

Okay, Okay I know that it's not about an airplane, but the airship kinda crashes after a bout with pirates. Yes, I know this was a way to talk about my new favorite steampunk novel.  But I could look out the plane on my way to Mississippi and see a giant fly cat.  It could happen. ;)