Food Drive for Northwest Assistance Ministries

APE, teen volunteers at the Aldine Library, are currently doing a food drive at the Library for Northwest Assistance Ministries (or NAM). NAM does a number of important services for those less fortunate in our community, including having a nutrition center where low income people can pick out food items they want. And we're hoping the Aldine Library community can help us collect enough food to stock the nutrition center's selves!

Please bring canned goods, non-perishable food items, baby food, and baby supplies to feed to the little monster we have on our front desk. Also please hand any monetary donation you can give to any of the front desk workers and we will use it to buy produce the day we go NAM to drop off the donations.

We're excited for this opportunity to help other's in the Aldine Community, and hope you're excited to join us!

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