On the day I blogged about the collection of cookbooks at Maud Marks Library the public radio discussed the need of teaching home economics, especially cooking at school. Even though cooking has cachet at least among certain people now, it is seen as a lost life skill. A return to home cooking meals could help address the growing obesity problem among children. We can all agree that by preparing foods at home we can make them much more healthfully. Until cooking is a subject at school, parents you can start at home now. Just visit Maud Marks for ideas and books.

 The library has all the materials you will need: Grow it Cook it, How does my garden grow?  Cook it together, Little monsters cookbook, you name it.  Start by making something fun together. Halloween is next month. Plan a party, big or small, with an awesome menu: Punch from the Black Lagoon, Vampire Bites, Mummy Pups etc... your children will love it.