Forgotten Wisdom

Not long ago, I stumbled upon a book called How to Sew A Button by Erin Bried. The book contains a treasure of practical life tips that were common knowledge for many of our grandmothers but are no longer well-known for many today. You'll find simple tips and tricks for baking bread, writing thank-you notes, planting a vegetable garden, and more.

How to Build a Fire is the follow-up to Bried's first book and provides even more handy pieces of wisdom. This time, the tips are written from the common knowledge our grandfathers carried. You will find out how to hang drywall, season a cast-iron skillet, and negotiate a deal, for example. 

Both books are written in a laid-back, humorous style with clear and concise steps for each entry. Grab a copy of each if you want to reintroduce some forgotten practical wisdom into your life.