A Former "Library Skeptic" Tells You What You May Be Missing

We, at HCPL, are the first to admit that we google ourselves perhaps more often that is healthy—or at least more often than is seemly. The results invariably show that we write about ourselves an awful lot: we blog, we facebook, we tweet, we send out press releases…you get the picture. But every once in a while we find that someone else has written nice things about us. Such was the case recently when we ran across a post entitled “the best thing in life that's free that you might not be using” on the Eat, Drink & Be Lauren blog.

The post is recommended reading for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Lauren highlights the fact that if you still see HCPL only as our brick and mortar buildings, then you’re only getting half the picture, or as she puts it, “if you like free stuff and you aren't actively using the library, then you're crazy. I use the library nearly every day and I rarely step foot through its doors.”

Once you’ve digested the post. We highly recommend that you stick around and take a leisurely stroll through the rest of blog. If you live in the area and like good food and drink, you will find some hidden dining gems.


Perhaps Lauren needs to

Perhaps Lauren needs to revisit her column since the downgrade. As the new software has disabled account access, much of what she says no longer applies.

If you are having trouble

If you are having trouble accessing your account, we would be happy to look into it for you. Please use this contact form. It will prompt you for your library card number, PIN and home branch, and any pertinent details. We apologize for any inconvenience.

That tip that she includes

That tip that she includes about Goodreads/Overdrive is pretty cool! I had no idea that was possible!

Right? I must admit, I didn't

Right? I must admit, I didn't know about it either! But it's something we should include on our OverDrive FAQs page. Thanks for pointing out that detail!