Free Family Vacation

lion danceI picture a tropical island or bustling oriental town. It  looks like there is some kind of event being planned.   Everyone is excited, anticipating the start of the festivities.  The children can't wait to make a Chinese yo-yo, origami doll or flower lei. Every mouth is watering at the smell of all the different foods being prepared for the event. People have gathered from many Asian countries and Pacific islands to share their culture through cooking and calligraphy demonstrations, crafts, and even a Vietnamese Lion Dance! There is lots of music, laughter, and fun. The whole family is having a great time.  Wait! Is this Maud Marks Library?  It must be the Asian Pacific Heritage Festival!  It's just like a free family vacation and I don't even have to leave Katy because it's right here in my own back yard. If you want to get in on the fun, come to Maud Marks Library Saturday, May 11.  All the fun starts at 1 pm and goes until 4 pm. Hope to see you there!