Free Tax Assistance

Don't wait to do your tax return on April 15th. For your convenience, multiple library locations have volunteers from AARP to help you file your 2010 taxes. Tax assistance is available to everyone but please check with your desired location for schedule information and required documents.

Be sure to bring the following documents: 

  • a copy of your 2010 W-2 form(s)
  • all of your 1099s
  • Proper identification and Social Security Card
  • Social Security numbers of dependents to be filed on your return
  • Checking Account information if you wish to file electronically

This help is best suited for individuals filing 1040 forms. If you have a complex return, AARP advises seeking paid assistance. If you are unsure about what forms to use, click here for more information on IRS forms. Other options to find free tax assistance are through Neighbood Centers, AARP Site Locator, and online free file services listed here. Listed below are upcoming dates at various branches. Also, see our calendar for all dates and times.