Are you looking for a bargain?  We’ve got the best deal in town.  Nothing over $1.00.


The Friends of the Maud Smith Mark’s Library are having a book sale on Saturday, June 25th starting at 10:00 A.M.

I would just like to brag on this special group of volunteers for a little bit.  It takes a lot of time and energy to sort, store, set up, and sell the books for these sales.   I estimate about 1,000 volunteer  hours  to maintain the book sales throughout the year.

The money made goes to support all the activities and events that take place here at the Maud Marks Library.  For example: Hispanic Heritage Celebration and Asian-Pacific Celebration, Summer Reading Programs and books and rewards. 

They are a trendy “Green” group, recycling the donated used books turning them into profit for our library in a time when everyone is looking for ways to stretch a dollar. 

You could say that the Friends of the Maud Smith Mark’s Library are our BFF (Best Friends Forever).

F.Y.I.  If you join the Friends of the Library, you can participate in the “Members Only Preview,” starting at 4:30 P.M. on Friday, June 24th.