Full Steam Ahead

SteamedOne of the biggest new trends in fiction is steampunk, a sub-genre of fantasy and science fiction.  Important elements of the genre include steam power (which usually means a historical setting), technology ahead of its time, and some elements of alternate history and fantasy.  Steampunk is often set in Victorian England, but because of the alternate history elements romance heroines need not be protected society misses and the world around them can be close to reality or whatever the author can imagine.  Steampunk is perfect for readers who love both fantasy and romance or for historical romance readers looking for something different.  If you are looking for something different and creative, try a steampunk romance!


Popular Steampunk Titles:

Iron Duke   Soulless  Warrior   Crimson & Steam

The Iron Duke – Meljean Brook
Soulless – Gail Carriger
Steamed – Katie MacAlister
Warrior – Zoe Archer
Crimson & Steam – Liz Maverick