Fun & Funny

autototsWith the end of school right around the corner, this is usually the time of year when you finally get the chance to read something just for fun.  Below I’ve listed some newer titles that are just for fun or will have you laughing out loud.  How will you celebrate your fast-approaching summer?

Mer’s New-ish Fun & Funny Picks:

how lamar's bad prank bookjacketgeek bookjacketkilled wesley payne bookjacketbeauty queens bookjacketbeat the band bookjacketutterly lame vampire bookjacket






miles past normal bookjacketsidekicks bookjacketbig crunch bookjacketshakespeare playoffs bookjacketloser list bookjacketanti-prom bookjacket






gimme a call bookjacketanna and french kiss bookjacketfat vampire bookjacketgemini bites bookjacketmad love bookjacketbeatle meets destiny bookjacket





Flickr CC: autotots Photo by: dave_apple


 I just recently read three

 I just recently read three of the books on this list, so I feel current!

Beauty Queens was not at all what I was expecting, but a hilarious parody all the same. Mad Love was a breezy, summer read. Very enjoyable, with a few surprisingly touching moments. But my favorite book on this list is, without a doubt, Anna and the French Kiss. I LOVED this book. It was charming from start to finish.

What a fantastic list!