Fun with Play Dough

Do you have plans for this weekend? A wave of my magic wand and I have the solution for keeping the kids busy.  

 Mudworks: Creative Clay, Dough and Modeling Experiences  by MaryAnn F. Kohl. 
Simply put, the suggested activities are awesome. This book offers a delightfully messy range of creative activities for children, and the projects won't cost you a bundle of cash.   

 If I had to choose only one recipe it would be the oil alum clay on page 34. It is recommended for children two years and up which makes it great for children of all ages.  You should be aware, that it's a ”cooked dough," which means a little more work.  However, I have found that the time it takes to make is worth it, for it uses less salt than the non-cook playdough.  Why is that important? Salt may be abrasive and drying to your children’s skin.  In addition, the Oil Alum clay will last for a little over a week when stored in a zip-lock bag.   Think of it, a whole week of squish fun that will provide ample opportunities for your child to create explore and discover.