Fun Upcoming Events!

Nov 2017Remember to check our events calendar frequently. You never know when we might have something you’d love to participate in. Some of the special events we have coming up are:
The first meeting of the new Doctor Who Club! Saturday, Nov. 4, 1:00 pm.
Kids’ Book Club (ages 7-11), Monday, Nov. 6, 4:00 pm. This month’s book is “One Trick Pony” by Nathan Hale. You can come and hang out, even if you haven’t read the book.
Krafty Korner, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1:00 pm. Adult crafts are back! This week we’re making coasters from wine corks.
Animé Club, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 3:30 pm. Movies, tv, books, games and more!
Art Club, Wednesday, Nov. 8, 4:30 pm. See how well you can mimic the abstract style of Wassily Kandinsky. For ages 10-21.
Finding & Applying for Jobs Online, Friday, Nov. 10, 1:30 pm.
One-of-a-Kind Story Time, Saturday, 12:30, with a “Dragons Love Tacos” theme!