Funding sources for small businesses

Have a small business or planning to start one? If funds for startup costs or expansion is an important issue, join us for "Coins Under a Couch Cushion," a free program led SCORE counselor Mo Tehrani, Ph.D. Learn about sources of funds in the marketplace, the best place to start, what the lenders look for when reviewing a funding application, and the key ingredients for success when borrowing money. The workshop will also cover sources of equity and how to use equity as an alternative to borrowing funds.

Besides volunteering with SCORE, Mo Tehrani is an HCC professsor of accounting and taxation and a consulting partner with a public accounting firm in Houston. He started his first business in 1995. He has co-owned and still co-owns or invests in businesses in real estate, pharmacy, security systems, and accounting.

This program takes place on Saturday, June 17 at 10:30 p.m. Register please by calling 281-484-2036 or at our events calendar.