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Minifig Characters # 3: Monty Python's Lumberjack by minifigI’m a librarian, which already marks me as pretty geeky.  But growing up I was fairly nerdy, too. I was awfully geeky about music and movies.  I had a consuming obsession with Monty Python (the Flying Circus and the movies…and maybe a little crush on Eric Idle, circa 1971).  I loved (and still do love) to read historical fiction, I only ever wore Converse low-tops, and I really loved school (except, perhaps, for some of the people I went to school with).  I remember very clearly a “Dress Like a Geek” day in high school.  I didn’t dress up, although several brutally mean boys in my first period English Lit class were convinced I had.  But as an adult, I am much more proud of my humble, nerdy beginnings.  Being geeky is actually down-right awesome.  I’ve listed below some of my favorite geeky reads. What do you recommend?

Mer’s Geek Out Picks

geek high bookjacketTales of the Madman Underground bookjacketGeektastic bookjacketBand Geek Love bookjacketFat Cat bookjacket






Queen of Cool bookjacketLittle Brother bookjacketI Love You, Beth Cooper bookjacketBrain Jack bookjacketHalf-Life of Planets bookjacket






Fat Kid Rules the World bookjacketInto the Wild Nerd Yonder bookjacketMiracle Wimp bookjacketAstonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl bookjacketDestroy All Cars bookjacket






King Dork bookjacketGeek Magnet bookjacketSmiles to Go bookjacketPink bookjacketGood Enough bookjacket





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This isn't really a teen

This isn't really a teen read, but I enjoyed Simon Pegg's book Nerd Do Well, since we are geeky about many of the same things.  I think I might have seen Star Wars more times than he admitted, but I probably didn't have as good a figurine collection.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the recommendation, Linda!  I love Simon Pegg.

And - if you ever feel the need to play with Star Wars figurines - I have several at my house.  Along with Star Trek, Dune, Alien and Gremlins figurines.  All belonging to my husband...I swear smiley

YES!  The Geeks shall inherit

YES!  The Geeks shall inherit the earth. Excellent post.

Thanks, Dave! And yes, yes we

Thanks, Dave! And yes, yes we will. smiley