Get to Know Your Digital Device

Coming up in January, the Northwest Library will be holding three "Get to Know Your Digital Device" sessions: one for the Kindle, one for the Nook, and one for the iPad.  These sessions will focus on finding reader-specific materials in HCPL's Digital Media Catalog and checking them out to your digital device.  Details follow:

The Kindle Session: Saturday, January 7th at 3pm in the meeting room

The Nook Session: Saturday, January 14th at 3pm in the meeting room

The iPad Session: Saturday, January 28th at 3pm in the meeting room


Let us show you how to best utilize the library with your new favorite toy.  Bring your reader with you, or come with a pen and pad, ready to learn.  And get here early!  Seating will be limited, and we are anticipating a fairly high turnout.

Hope to see you there!