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NextReads Logo What if we told you that you can get the latest news about the hottest titles and trends in the world of books delivered to your email inbox? What if that news was focused on just the type of books you like to read--whether that be romance, mystery, historical fiction, or other genre? What if it was compiled by the people who wrote the book on recommending books? What if all of it came in a spiffy, quick-reading newsletter format? What if signing up for the service took only seconds and it was all absolutely free?

We’re guessing you would say something like, “Golly gee, that sounds super!”

It is. It really is.

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What’s best of all about our new NextReads newsletters is that when you see something you just have to read—and you will—you just click a link and it takes you straight to the title’s HCPL catalog record where you can make a request. In a day or two, the book will be there waiting for you on the hold shelf of your local branch. And it’s all free! You don’t have to worry about maxing out your credit cards and you will never have to decide whether you want to read or eat that month.

Unlike traditional book review journals, NextReads newsletters target only the books you like to read. Here are just some of the genres from which to choose.

  • Fiction: Inspirational, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Thrillers & Suspense, Libros en Español y Más.
  • Media: Audiobooks, DVDs
  • Nonfiction: Armchair Travel, Mind & Body Fitness, Biography & Memoir, Nature & Science, Business & Personal Finance, Popular Culture, History & Current Events, Spirituality & Religion
  • Bestsellers: If you just want to keep track of what’s flying off the shelves, you can subscribe to a variety of bestseller lists including New York Times Fiction, Nonfiction, Business and Children’s Books.

HCPL’s new NextReads newsletters are compiled by the experts who run the NoveList Plus and NoveList Plus K-8 readers advisory services that you can find in our selection of databases. Each newsletter is then edited and augmented by HCPL’s own expert staff before it is sent to your inbox. The way we see it, NextReads newsletters are just a piece of the puzzle—a big, important piece—but a piece nonetheless. HCPL offers a variety of services whose aim is to put not just good books in your hands, but just the right books in your hands. Services include our award-winning Book Hunters (your personal reading consultants), Novelist Plus, and, of course, our greatest asset--our knowledgeable staff on hand at every branch.

If you already subscribe to any of HCPL's newsletters, there will be no disruption of service. We think you'll be just as excited about the new service as we are.


So is this service in

So is this service in addition to the existing newsletters or is it the same thing? For instance, I already receive the Our Space newsletter.

Good question! The NextReads

Good question! The NextReads newsletters replace the old Bookletters newsletters. Your subscription, and everyone else's, have been migrated to the new service. Thanks.