The Ghost of Graylock by Dan Poblocki

"To be honest, I find the country to be much more frightening. Up here, you never know what you're going to get, so it's nearly impossible to prepare the way you can in the city. Mysterious sounds in the woods at night. Strange lights in the sky. And no one can hear you scream."

Neil Cady is an expert on all things ghosts. He watches Ghostly Investigations, knows how to capture spirits on film, and can create a Ouija board out of poster board and a sharpie. While spending the summer in Hedston, Neil hears of Graylock Hall and cannot wait to explore this abandoned asylum. Graylock Hall has been closed for years since the mysterious drowning of three patients. Neil doesn't expect much out of the experience until a ghost follows him home.

The Ghost of Graylock is a very eerie read. Graylock is an asylum tucked away in the woods and just thinking about it raises goose bumps on my arms. When the ghost follows Neil and his sister home, the hauntings are even more creepy. Dan Poblocki is great with imagery and had me visualizing these haunts as if it were a movie. Readers will enjoy the spooky flavor that The Ghost of Graylock offers. It's ghastly!