Ghostwriter by Travis Thrasher

Good Afternoon fellow Horror lovers! This week's horrific read is Ghostwriter by Travis Thrasher.
In Ghostwriter, we open with horror author Dennis Shore answering his front door to a ghastly yet bloody woman. This woman, whose been badly beaten, warns him that his latest novel should not be released. Dennis is floored by this person because this new book he just happened to steal. Knowing that he's about to publish a stolen manuscript, Dennis continues with the release of Empty Spaces.

At a book signing, Dennis comes face to face with the real author of Empty Spaces, a man by the name of Cillian Reed. Cillian lets Dennis know that his life is about to become a horror novel. As Ghostwriter progresses, Cillian follows through with his statement and takes Dennis, and myself, on a horror rollercoaster!

One of the greatest things about Ghostwriter is that it's going to keep you guessing. I was fully engrossed in Ghostwriter and read it in about a day and a half. I hope that you will enjoy it as well!

Until next time....Happy Haunts!