The Gift of Life

green ribbon image"Every 13 minutes, a new name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list. Every day, 17 people die waiting for a life-saving organ transplant." With over 100,000 patients in the United States needing an organ transplant, learn more about a life gift. (data from

While it's not something many of us like to think about, it's a decision that can save lives after we're gone.  Organ donation can save the lives of up to 8 other people and help up to 50 others.   If you would like to become a registered organ/tissue donor, visit Donate Life: Texas to sign up. The registry is the only legally official way to make your organ/tissue donor wishes known. Note: the registry became official in 2006, any registry joined before that is not legally valid, including Organ Donor stickers on Texas drivers' licenses. Without joining the new registry, your wish to be an organ/tissue donor can be overturned by your surviving family.

Also, if you would like to doante blood, visit your local Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and/or join the Be the Match bone marrow registery as a way to help save lives.