Girl Power

1st to Die- Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson

I know that this is only my second post, but I’m sure after a few more it will be revealed that I read A LOT of series. Probably more than I should. Now don’t get me wrong, I love stand-alone novels, but I live for character development; especially when I become attached to the characters. I love seeing them grow throughout the series.

With James Patterson, his series tend to stretch out and have many titles in one series. However, I do think that he’s no longer on his A-game; I have always enjoyed the earlier books in each of his series, because you can tell that he was driven to develop the characters. 1st to Die is no exception. I instantly fell in love with this series, especially since I was in love with the Alex Cross series. I had had high expectations for this one, and Patterson delivered.
I always feel that when having a majority cast of women, most male authors tend to be off-putting in the development of the characters. Patterson has given these ladies backbones, and it’s refreshing to know that someone out there doesn’t expect women cops/lawyers/etc. to be softies.