Girl Scout Hosts Cultural Crafts Series at Evelyn Meador


Emily Hall has been a Girl Scout since kindergarten.  After the ten years of being a Girl Scout, she is currently completing the work for her Gold Award.  The Gold Award is equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award.  In order to earn a Gold Award, a Girl Scout plans, develops, and executes a community service project.  The project aims to teach people in a community a valuable skill or lesson that is based upon the themes and values of Girl Scouts.

Emily’s project is called Cultural Crafts at the Library. She will be teaching children how to create crafts relating to different cultures around the world while using recyclable materials.  Emily decided to do this project for several reasons.  First, she loves the library and wanted to give back what it gave to her.  Also, every summer she hosts a day camp where she teaches children how to make various crafts; she knew she could also use those skills to contribute to the library. She hopes to instill an interest in many cultures, an awareness of recycling, and encourage creativity in the children who come to her biweekly program. Hope to see you there!

The schedule is as follows:
July 10th, 2:30-3:30 pm in the Community Room, Asian Culture
July 27th, 2:30-3:30 pm in the Community Room, Indian Culture
August 7th, 2:30-3:30 pm in the Community Room, Australian Culture