Girl Scout IP:E! - Photography, Part I

The Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library is offering the continuation of the Girl Scout “Interest Project: Exploration” program on Monday, November 8th at 4:30 pm. This particular workshop will feature work towards the “Photography” Interest Project Award, helping older Girl Scouts to accomplish some of the steps towards the "Photography" Interest Project Award. The "Photography, Part I" workshop will take place in the Marge Jacobson Community Room which is on the first floor.

Registration for this particular Interest Project Award opens Friday, October 8th. While all Girl Scout "Interest Project: Exploration" workshops are free, registration for each workshop is required. Please contact the library at 281-488-1906 or visit the Second Floor Information Desk at the library to register. Space is limited.

This specific workshop will be "Part I" as "Part II" will be offered the following week. Registration for "Photography, Part II" will open Friday, October 15th. Older Girl Scouts may register for one or both workshops.