Gleek Out!: Beyond the Glee Soundtrack

I've spend the last 24 hours "gleeking out" over Glee: The Music, Season 1. Even though most of the songs have been available online since the show started, I love having everything on the official CD. But what do you do when you have all the songs memorized? Go back to the source material by the original artists!

If you loved "Defying Gravity", check out Wicked: a new musical  starring Glee guest actress Kristin Chenoweth. This musical prequel to the Wizard of Oz features soaring ballads and hilarious social commentary.



If you "Don't Stop Believin'", you can discover the music 1980's mega-group Journey.  Their power ballads were the background music to a generation.



If you can't quit singing "Dancing With Myself", request The Very Best of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself. This CD covers his career from the early days of punk with the band Generation X to his American rock debut.



If you loved the mellow sound of "Sweet Caroline", then check out the songs of songwriter and singer Neil Diamond