Gleek Out!: The Sequel


While you are waiting for the Glee Season One, Volume 2 soundtrack to appear in the HCPL catalog or the DVD version of Glee: Season 1 Volume 1:The Road To Sectionals to be released, why not check out the Glee tunes by the original artists.





The Proud Mary number in wheelchairs was one of the most amazing pieces of choreography all season. If you want to check out the original version (and some other fabulous vocals), you can find it on Tina Turner's All the Best CD.


Another touching moment was the club's rendition of "I'll Stand By You". The Prentenders original version is on their Last of the Independents album.



I have been a fan of The Police since my high school days. In fact, I won tickets to their Synchronicity concert back in the day. Sample their best songs including "Don't Stand So Close to Me" on Every Breath You Take: The Singles.



Another artist that I adore is John Lennon. Even though most of his music was written before I was born, I have always felt a strong connection to his music. "Imagine" is one of his most profound pieces and is featured on Working Class Hero: the Definitive Lennon.



I think the mattress commercial on Glee looked like great fun. I wouldn't recommend jumping around on your own mattress at home but you can dance to "Jump" by Van Halen if you check out their classic album 1984.



The songs from the finale were truly amazing. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" gave me chills. You can find the original on a great compilation of the Rolling Stones best songs Forty Licks.


Another fabulous finale song was  "Don't Rain On My Parade" from the musical Funny Girl. I love the whole musical but you can track down the song by itself on The Essential Barbra Streisand.