Gluten-Free Cooking for the Holidays

Are you or one of your family members one of the many who have to avoid gluten in your diet?  Do you need recipe ideas that would still make dining during the holidays an enjoyable and tasty experience?  If so, then don't miss the special program "Gluten-Free Cooking for the Holidays," planned especially for you and presented by one of our own Kingwood residents this Thursday, November 11th, in the Community Room at 10:30 AM.  No registration is required.  Don't miss this free and informative program!

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gosh, i just found out about

gosh, i just found out about the special gluten-free cooking program on 11/11. i can't believe i missed this. just want to say thanks for offering something special like that.

Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest in this program.  There are plans to offer something very similar to this in the next several months, so keep an eye on our branch blog as well as our events calendar.