Gluten-Free Living in the New Year

Are you or your family members some of the many who have to avoid gluten in your diet?  Do you need recipe ideas that would still make dining an enjoyable and tasty experience?  If so, then start the year off right and be sure to attend "Gluten-Free Living in the New Year," a program planned especially for you and presented by Jenny Johnson, a return presenter and one of our very own Kingwood residents.  The program is scheduled for this Saturday, January 15th, in the Community Room at 10:00 A.M.  Don't miss this free and informative program!

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i missed your presentation.

i missed your presentation. i am new to the gluten-free world and am trying to learn as much as i can but it's mostly been by reading and shopping at healthfood stores. i hope it was well attended. if not, don't be discouraged. we need to continue to bring out more awareness. if you do something like this again, please let me know. thanks so much.

Thank you for your comments. 

Thank you for your comments.  We do plan on having other programs like this in the near future due to patron interest.  Keep an eye on this, our branch blog, or stop by the library and pick up a monthly schedule of adult programs so that you're sure to be a part of the next one.