Go Green! Switch to Email Notifications!

If you haven't done the switch, opt out of paper notices and receive notices of due dates and holds by email. Not only will you help us cut down the use of paper and the cost of postal mail, you won't have to meddle with unexpected delays with postal service and chance missing your holds. We do not use your email for promotional services or share your email with anyone else. It is solely used to notify you when your items are due and when requested items are ready for pick up.

Making the switch is simple. Follow these steps on how to change your preferences via My Account.

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Love this!

Love this!

I used to receive

I used to receive notifications by email but for some reason it switched to paper notices about a year ago. My email address is current, but I still don't receive anything via email (and yes, I have checked my junk mail). I much prefer email notices. How do I get them back?

Hi Melissa, If you will

Hi Melissa,

If you will contact us through the contact form - http://www.hcpl.net/form/contact-us - with your account information, we can review your account and make sure you are getting email notifications.

I had no idea people received

I had no idea people received these types of notifications by mail. Definitely switch to email - you know right away when it's available and it saves lots of paper!

email notifications are

email notifications are really easy. though it seems that only about half of my holds generate an email notification when it's ready for pickup.

email notifications are very

email notifications are very great in use

In some instances our

In some instances our reminder notices are blocked by a customer's internet email service - check your spam folder even if some emails are getting through. In other instances we may have a server problem which interferes with our reminder notices being sent. Please keep in mind these notices are a courtesy.