I have always love things that are shiny and glittery. I love to discover buried treasure. I especially love to find something old and restore it to new life.
Maud Smith Marks Library is a great place to discover buried treasure. I love to browse the shelves and find a book I never knew about and discover it is my new most favorite book. A person could do that everyday and always find a book you never heard of before. It might be a new author, a book in a series you missed, a classic you always wanted to read. I have discovered my favorite author in the whole library is Patricia Polacco, a children’s author.
Even if you were done going through the shelves, there is always the data bases on line. It’s a whole other virtual world. I have been keeping a list onNovelist of all the books I have read. I decided to look up some Texas Women on the Ebsco data base. When I wanted to make a folder for my findings, I discovered that it was connected to by Novelist group of folders. It is nice to have things neatly and conveniently stored together.  I was so happy. It was like finding a buried treasure.
It made me want to go back to the databases and find more golden nuggets.