Good Old Rumpole!

Any of the Rumpole books are a good read. For those of you unfamiliar with Horace Rumpole, he is an English barrister who delights in tormenting judges and helping his clients get a fair trial. Luckily for us, sometimes he gets to solve a mystery! All of the characters are a delight, and there is a lot of humor in each story. His wife, otherwise known as She Who Must Be Obeyed, tells him, "I can always rely on you to be unreliable." I disagree. You can always rely on good old Rumpole to provide an entertaining mystery. You might want to read A Rumpole Christmas now. Other titles include Rumpole of the Bailey, Rumpole and the Angel of DeRumpole of the BaileyRumpole Christmasath, and Rumpolrumpole misbehavesRumpole and the Angel of Deathe Misbehaves.