Goodbye Summer!

Summer is sadly coming to an end. Children are back in school, parents back to work, and we are setting up our book shelves for the next big thing. We want to help you get first dibs on great ideas for upcoming holidays. Plan your Halloween party in advance, find great Thanksgiving recipes to try out before the big day, or start collecting Christmas decorating ideas early this year.  It's always good to plan ahead and use all the resources you can get your hands on. Here are a few books to get you started. You can also browse our online library catalog. What's your favorite Holiday?


101 Spooktacular party Ideas

175 Easy To Do Halloween Crafts


Extreme Pumpkins


175 Easy To Do Thanksgiving Crafts


Betty Crocker Complete Thanksgiving Book


The Book of Thanksgiving


100 Great Christmas Songs

300 Ways to Make The Best Christmas Ever!

36 Best Christmas Party Ideas