Graphic Novels for Adults

Graphic novels have a strong hold in the hearts of young readers; however, individuals may not know there are graphic novels that can be entertaining for adults as well. If superhero and villain-esque titles like Watchmen do not spark your interest, consider novels with more realistic or mature subjects. Listed below are a few titles that may interest you.

La PerdidaJessica Abel’s La Perdida is set in Mexico City and tells the story of Carla, an American expatriate that decides to live in Mexico for an indefinite amount of time in hopes of finding herself.
Black Hole Graphic NovelCharles Burns’ Black Hole is a treat for those who enjoy psychological thrillers and symbolic plots. Set in 1970s Seattle, this dark tale tells the story of a group of teens who mutate after being sexually involved with one another. Although eerie, it has a major moral to the story.
Mother, Come HomePaul Hornschemeier’s Mother, Come Home was originally published in the author’s Forlorn Funnies. It depicts Thomas, a young boy, and his depressed father coping with his mother’s untimely death. The illustrations and tone are truly one of a kind.
Chicken with PlumsMarjane Satrapi’s Chicken with Plums is a delight if you enjoyed Persepolis (a graphic novel turned into a motion picture of a personal account of growing up in Iran). Chicken with Plums is a biographical account of the author’s great uncle who is a musician and passes away 8 days later from which the story begins.
Apollo's SongOsamu Tezuka's Apollo’s Song is a series of stories about a boy who does not believe in love and is punished by the gods to repeatedly fall in love and have it end in disaster. Tezuka is renowned for his series Astro Boy.
ShortcomingsAdrian Tomine’s Shortcomings a contemporary story about Ben Tanaka, a cynical 20 something Japanese American living in California, who is searching in life for the right partner. This is Tomine’s first full length graphic novel and is enjoyable for those who like independent and contemporary literature.


I hope you enjoy these recommended titles and keep posted for other graphic novel highlights in the future. Do you read graphic novels? Which ones do you recommend and why?