Graphic Novels for All Ages

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that graphic novels “don’t count” or that they aren’t “real books”. Many people look down on the genre, assuming that it’s somehow less than in comparison to the more traditional novel. But. There are so many good reasons to pick up this style of book and encourage others to do so as well! For one, they’re great for visual learners. They help to develop the ability to read between the lines, also known as inference, as well as contain high level vocabulary. Let’s face it, in this modern world there are many different kinds of literacy, and graphic novels are a great way to learn and hone these skills. 




Hocus Pocus
Otto's Orange Day
Luke on the Loose
Little Robot


Zita the Spacegirl. Book One: Far From Home
The City of Ember
Amulet. Book One: The Stonekeeper


The Prince and the Dressmaker
American Born Chinese
Honor Girl


Fun Home
The Complete Persepolis
Through the Woods


Flickr CC:Une Bande Dessinée:Michael Bridgen