A Great Book You Haven't Read, Part 1

Have you read this book?  Probably not.  It was ignored by the vast majority of readers and probably wasn't noted by a New York Time's book reviewer. However it is a great book.  I am going to start reviewing great books that you probably haven't even heard of.

Evan Macalister is in big trouble.  Usually this is nothing new, but this is so much bigger then anything he's ever had to deal with before.  He's the only child of a older Doctor who owns a prescription drug company.  His father is older then most dads and there is a bit more then the usual generation gap.  His father rolling in money, but refuses to give Evan a large allowance, he won't even get Evan a car!  He wants Evan to earn it himself.  So what would any lazy teenage boy do if he had access to millions of dollars of equipment?  He steals computers from his father's office, wipes the hard drives, and sells them for a good profit.  Unfortunately, this is about to cause a lot of problems for Evan his father.  His father is framed for murder, and Evan has the proof to clear him on one of the stolen computers.  But to clear his father, he would have to admit what he has been doing.  So instead, Evan decides to try and prove his father's innocence by flying to France with his two best friends to find the mysterious Lubchenko.    Read this book, you won't regret it.