The Great Upheaval by Jay Winik

The Great UpheavalThis is a very long audiobook - 31.5 hours on 26 discs.  But this history of three countries in revolution and on the brink of creating a modern age is so captivating you won’t be sorry you started it, though you may need longer than the usual two-week check-out period to finish.  (There is an abridged version on CD and Overdrive download if you prefer.)


It is an era that redefined history.  As the 1790s began, a fragile America teetered on the brink of oblivion, Russia towered as a vast imperial power, and France plunged into monumental revolution.  But none of these remarkable events occurred in isolation.  In The Great Upheaval:  America and the Birth of the Modern World, 1788 - 1800, acclaimed historian Jay Winik  illuminates how their fates combined in one extraordinary moment to change the course of civilization.