Greens Gallery Art Exhibit at the Library

The Art Exhibit for May will be furnished by Greens Gallery of Originial Art.The Artists contributing their work are Barbara Gillroy, Pedra Kuder, and Elizabeth Sapre. 

Barbara Gilroy

Barbara loves painting portraits of homes. It is her passion to capture the warmth of a family home. She paints in various
mediums and has exhibited in Galveston, Kingwood, and Spring. She also teaches watercolor classes on cruise ships.



Pedra Kuder


Pedra enjoys doing portraits in pencil, charcoal, or oil.She also experiments with color pencil and abstract motifs. She is also a writer, currently working on a biography of her mother's Third Reich experiences.



Elizabeth SapreElizabeth was born in England and showed an aptitude for art very early. She has been an instructor in basic watercolors for KISD Community Education Department for six years. She paints in various mediums, oils, acrylics, pencil, and prisma colored pencils.

Stop by the Art Alcove in May on the 2nd floor to see the works by these creative artists


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