Gregorian Chant at Kingwood Library

This weekend, the Kingwood Library will feature a special program. The schola cantorum of St. Basil's School of Gregorian Chant will be here to perform on Saturday, June 23rd from 11 AM - 12 PM. 

What is Gregorian chant? It's a term used for "musical repertoire comprising the chants composed on the Latin words of sacred text that are sung at the liturgical offices of the Roman Catholic Church." "The music consists of a single line of melody with a flexible rhythm sung by unaccompanied voices."

Why in Latin? "After two centuries of Christian liturgy in Greek, the West progressively adopted the current language of the time: Latin."

What does "schola caontorum" mean? It literally means a singing school. "At the the beginning of the 4th century, the schola cantorum was born: a group of about twenty clerics- both seasoned professional singers and those in training- who placed their vocal competence in the service of the liturgical celebration."

Why is it important? "Gregorian melodies aim to foster the spiritual development of the individual. They provide an atmosphere conducive to prayer."

The chant performance will be in Latin and English and will incorporate audience participation. It will include a wisdom piece composed specificially for this event by Gregorian Chant sholar Fr Columba Kelley of Meinrad Abbey. Fr. Kelley passed away just days ago.

In addition, the presentation will include a copy of a 600-700 year old manuscript that the schola will sing from.

Come join us for this educational, informative, and upliting presentation!

* Notes source: Learning About Gregorian Chant by Dom Daniel Saulnier