Grief & Loss

dying flowerRecently it seems as though I’ve read many books about grief and loss. It is very difficult to articulate the loss of someone close to you, whether a friend or family member. Loss can make you feel as though a part of yourself has also departed. Just knowing that someone else has gone through something similar can make you feel better and less alone. Even if you haven’t suffered the loss of someone close to you, if you enjoy something heart wrenching or thought-provoking, these titles make for good reading.    

Mer’s Grief & Loss Picks:

hate list bookjacketwish bookjackettruth about forever bookjacketnovember blues bookjacket


happyface bookjacketeverafter bookjackethold still bookjacketall we know of heaven bookjacketthe sky is everywhere bookjacket






cures for heartbreak bookjacketthe afterlife bookjacketlast summer of the death warriors bookjacketcold hands, warm heart bookjacket





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I don't often stray to the

I don't often stray to the depressing in my reading, so it is no surprise that I haven't read many of these. I did, however, read Hold Still for a teen book club. It wasn't a book that we all loved, but it certainly had an emotional impact on everyone.

Thanks for the list!

I don't tend to read the

I don't tend to read the tear-jerkers often, either.  I think of all of these my favorite is Happyface...which does deal with grief and loss...but ultimately is a very funny read with beautiful illustrations.