Guest Lecture & Book Signing by Historian David Greenberg

david greenberg lecture and book signingThe Press Agents' War: Propaganda and World War
How the U.S. Government rallied the American public to fight in World War I.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

LSC-CyFair Conference Center, 152/153. 

A guest lecture for students and the community by historian Dr. David Greenberg, professor of History and of Journalism & Media Studies at Rutgers University. After the presentation, Greenberg will sign copies of his latest book, The Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency, in the Conference Center lobby.

This presentation is part of the Lone Star College history and governments’ series of events commemorating the 100-year anniversary of World War I. The event is funded by W.W. Norton publishing and Windows on the World.

For more information about this event, please contact:
Bobby O'Brien, LSC-CyFair History Professor