Halloween at Fairbanks Branch

I hope all of you had an awesome Halloween. We sure did! In case you missed out on seeing all of us in costume here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Power Ranger at Work

The Red Power Ranger hard at work checking your books out.

Undead Witch at Work

The Undead Witch is smiling because someone was frightened by her evil cat in the pumpkin.

Hit Girl and Undead Witch

Have no fear! Hit Girl is here to save the day!

Undead Witch and NiceTeacher

The Undead Witch and Nice Teacher take a pic together.


The Monk is caught by surprise while preparing for story time.

Story Time

The kiddos dressed up for the Haunted House Story Time.

Two Witches

The Undead Witch meets another witch. Is she a friend or foe?


Halloween was a blast! Be sure to join us next year!