Hamilton! Teen Button Battle - June 12-24

Have your thoughts been replaced by Hamilton lyrics? Do you enjoy inserting Hamilton references into everyday conversation? Are you ready for the Hamilton Party on June 28? Then come by the Teen Room any time between June 12 - 24 to pick up the button of your favorite character! Who will win? Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr, or Angelica, Eliza...and Peggy?

What is a button battle? It’s where teens vote on two or more of their favorite fandoms by taking a button they can pin to a backpack or anything else. The fandom that has the most buttons taken (aka “votes”), they are the one that wins!

For teens and tweens entering grades 6-12. For more info, contact Ms. Lauren, YA Librarian, at 281-360-6804 or kwteens@hcpl.net. Get program updates sent straight to your phone by texting @kwteens to 81010. Service is free and confidential; standard text message rates apply.